Hosting services for all purposes.

Web Hosting

Fast, secure and stable web hosting, start your webwebsite project, with strong hosting that develops your ambition and enhances your ability to achieve your webwebsite goals and grow your business.

Cloud VPS

Get your own VPS server with power and flexibility, full control with full root access, multiple operating systems and optional control panels, on-demand snapshots, and 32 TB of traffic on all plans, 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

Cloud VDS

Fully managed virtual dedicated server hosting. Get high-performance and powerful virtual dedicated servers, with a modern and robust infrastructure, with 100% dedicated memory and processors, and NVMe SSD storage.

Email Hosting

Email hosting for individuals and organizations Get an email address that matches your business domain to make your brand look more credible, secure and ad-free.

Professional Email Hosting

Advanced email hosting with a powerful user interface, control from anywhere, through OX APP SUITE applications, Microsoft Office tools, Excel and presentations, cloud storage, calendars and contacts.

WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting, secure and stable, build your webwebsite in minutes with the easiest and most powerful way to manage WordPress webwebsites at affordable prices, with servers fully configured for WordPress.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Products

Stores Programs

Multiple programs to suit all small, medium and large stores, warehouse management, points of sale, purchase and sales management, employee management, customers and suppliers, and more..

Maintenance Center Systems

Multiple systems for managing maintenance centers, for managing maintenance requests and managing technicians, multiple systems suitable for all maintenance and repair centers professionally, and more...

Restaurants and cafe Systems

Manage Restaurants and cafes in an organized manner to manage orders, follow up on delivery, manage guests, receive and implement orders, manage entries, accounts, and more...

Content Management Systems (CMS)

E-Commerce Systems

Get an online store within minutes, to sell your products online, manage your products and display them to the whole world, and increase your sales and spread, through distinguished systems for online stores.

Webwebsite building Systems

Building webwebsites for individuals, companies and institutions with a fully dynamic control panel, to manage and control the content of the webwebsite to display services and products and create a complete visual identity for your business.

Blogging Systems

Create a blog to publish articles, votes, videos and audios. SEO compatible blogging systems to bring traffic and publish your ideas and creativity.

For education
 School Sanagement Systems

School Sanagement Systems

Innovative systems for managing schools to the fullest, for managing students, teachers, human resources, classroom management, financial accounts, payroll, Quizez results and more..

 Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems

Publish your scientific materials everywhere, learning management systems give you the opportunity to publish courses, videos, Quizez, and files for students over the Internet, sell and organize your courses online, and more...

for medicine

Hospital Management Systems

Patient management, human resources, employee payroll, doctors management, booking appointments, analysis lab, x-ray center, drug stock, blood bank, ambulance and more...

Clinic Management Systems

Managing doctors and reception staff, managing patients, booking appointments, organizing clinic working hours, creating a webwebsite for the doctor, managing patient visit records and more...

Pharmacy Management Systems

Manage drug stocks, selling prices and cost prices, create and print barcode labels, record sales and purchases with point of sale to create invoices, manage suppliers and more...

Linkysoft Services

We are a leading company in building, developing and protecting information systems. We have experience since 2007, when it was the beginning. We provide services in building and organizing technology. You can start your dream project, we are here to implement it and translate your ideas into something tangible for the world.

Build custom systems

Analyzing and simplifying ideas is a complex process. We simplify and analyze your ideas to understand the general perception of the system to be implemented, by focusing on challenges and solutions followed by building modern and flexible user interfaces, through building customized systems.

We have a team with long experience in analysis, design and implementation of customized systems, and we have the ability and advanced skills to implement:

  • Building and designing webwebsites for any purpose.
  • Building and developing content management systems.
  • Building and developing e-commerce systems.
  • Building and developing web applications for individuals, companies and institutions.
  • Building and developing administrative systems for all private and governmental institutions.
  • Building and designing webwebsites

    Discovery is the center of creativity, we have learned a lot through our long journey in building and designing webwebsites, we have a sense and good taste, to design modern and flexible webwebsites.

    We provide quality web design services that stay within a predetermined budget by identifying and adapting changes very early in the entire process, avoiding an irreversible stage where the cost of changes is higher.

    The steps to build your webwebsite are in stages:

  • The general idea that you want to implement on your website.
  • Analyze your ideas with our data analyst expert.
  • UI/UX designer to create Wireframe.
  • A team of development experts to start building your webwebsite.
  • Full review and testing of the webwebsite.
  • Developing and building mobile applications

    We empower you to transform your goals and ideas into rich experiences to the small screens, which translate into business success, ease of operations and consumer engagement through our exceptionally deep understanding of user experience and mobile technology. We work with multiple ecosystems in order to create maximum impact for end users.

    Some of the types of mobile applications we can implement:

  • Developing iOS applications
  • Android application development
  • Developing hybrid applications
  • Progressive Web Application Development (PWA)
  • Cloud Driven Mobile Apps
  • Digital Marketing

    We enable individuals, organizations and companies to achieve this by creating exclusive and structured content, creating customized campaigns with managing them and analyzing their results. We have experts in managing your business to market it and target potential customers.

    What can we implement?

  • Create exclusive and creative content for your business.
  • Managing advertising campaigns on social media and analyzing their results.
  • Managing advertising campaigns on PPC search engines and analyzing their results.
  • Giving you a customer relationship management system to follow up and organize them and more..
  • Artificial Intelligence

    Linkysoft is a leading AI application development company that helps companies and governments add AI to their systems by building AI-driven applications and integration services. Hire expert Linkysoft engineers who have proven experience in AI and machine learning projects, tools and technologies, etc. To increase productivity and focus on machine reliance, enabling AI and machine learning solutions.

    Some of what we provide for artificial intelligence:

  • Strategic planning and creation of a work map from our analysis experts.
  • Advanced predictive business analytics.
  • Building special algorithms to predict based on the inputs.
  • Custom chatbots and automated support.
  • Visual recognition, distinguishing faces, and sensing emotions.
  • Ecognizing pictures and distinguishing letters.
  • Internet of Things

    Linkysoft provides industry-based IoT solutions and applications, we provide huge opportunities with connected devices, that help your business to reach the audience effectively through IoT applications of modern systems connected to devices.

    Examples of Internet of Things solutions we can provide:

  • Retail Internet of Things.
  • Industrial Internet of Things.
  • Internet of Things for Medicine.
  • Internet of Things for Education.
  • Internet of Things for smart homes.
  • Internet of things for cars.
  • Professional webwebsite protection services.

    SSL certificate means: Secure Socket Layer, it is a layer of protection based on encrypting the process of exchanging information across web pages on the Internet. SSL certificates are essential for the security of your webwebsite or system. They are used to establish an encrypted connection and allow secure transmission of data between a web browser or your visitor's computer and the server on which your webwebsite is hosted.
  • Data transmission between you and your website or your visitor is encrypted and secure.
  • Increase the search engines' confidence in your website to increase its ranking.
  • Internet browsers such as Google Chrome do not display a warning message that your website is not secure.
  • Note: Linkysoft gives a free SSL certificate on all plans already, but there are gradations of security level for each certificate.

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    SSL certificate means: Secure Socket Layer, it is a layer of protection based on encrypting the process of exchanging information across web pages on the Internet. SSL certificates are essential for the security of your webwebsite or system. They are used to establish an encrypted connection and allow secure transmission of data between a web browser or your visitor's computer and the server on which your webwebsite is hosted.
  • Keep your peace of mind with a system that automatically scans your webwebsite for malware, protects against spamware, and automatically removes any virus software.
  • websites are checked by the websiteLock™ system, which is a reliable service.
  • You get the websiteLock Trust Seal, which means that your webwebsite is safe, which increases customer confidence.
  • Firewall.
  • Check for vulnerabilities.
  • Note: Linkysoft scans your webwebsite for free every month through our systems and deletes malware, but there are scan levels.

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    Protect your webwebsite from possible data loss or hacking, as well as threats from viruses, hackers, and malware with daily webwebsite backups.
  • Automatic daily backups on external servers by CodeGuard.
  • Malware detection and scanning.
  • Monitor file change and send notifications.
  • Email backup
  • Note: Linkysoft takes a daily backup for free and it is kept for 7 days.

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